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Taking a New Approach

Customized onboarding to fit your unique processes



Our Customer Success Managers partner with you, learning your existing processes in order ensure you realize the full value of our solution.


Systems Integration

Whether a custom or standard integration is required, our Implementation Engineers partner with your IT team to ensure a seamless integration.



Your Customer Success Manager will provide education and advice to you and your team.


Ongoing Success

Your Customer Success Manager will be your consistent resource, with knowledge of your unique processes. You'll also receive metrics driven visibility into our performance and value capture, in the form of monthly dashboards and Healthscores.

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Providing transparency through value capture metrics

As a data-driven company, we're always looking for ways to get full transparency into our performance both internally and externally. This benefits our customers in our obsessive focus on delivering above SLA. Each file we handle is assigned a healthscore that reviews its performance through our process, over a combination of 9 different measures. Additionally, your monthly SLA dashboard provides you with a single set of measures detailing our performance and response times.