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We believed that there had to be a faster, simpler way to buy, sell or refinance homes, so we built it. By using machine intelligence we've been able to bring the title industry into the modern world, and still provide homeowners with the security and peace of mind that a traditional title provider would.

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What is title and escrow?

Whenever you buy, sell or refinance a home you need Title and Escrow. The United States does not have a centralized land registry documenting who owns what piece land, instead there are over 3000 county recorders where the chain of title for each home is recorded. In fact, in the U.S. you own what you say you do, and it's up to the courts to produce the paper trail to dispute it.

When a bank lends you money to buy, sell or refinance a home, you are using the home as the collateral against the loan. To protect the loan, they want to be sure that you do actually own the home. This is where title and title insurance comes in.

Title ensures that the details of the home and its' ownership (Title) are correct, title insurance is then issued to protect the interests of the lender and/or new owner. Escrow (AKA the closing) is a service that begins when all parties in a real estate transaction (banks, borrowers/buyers, sellers) reach tentative agreement on the terms of the deal. The closing rounds out the process, when all funds are disbursed and documents are signed and recorded with the proper authorities.

Why is Title and Escrow required?