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The most comprehensive solutions available for remote closings

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Supporting business as usual in an unusual time

States Title is actively involved with the acceleration and rapid implementation of remote closings around the country. To ensure business continuity for our customers during these challenging times, we offer multifaceted state and lender-specific eClosing solutions so your team can continue to close refinance transactions safely and efficiently during these challenging times.


LPOA-enabled for non-eNote lenders

Borrowers execute a limited power of attorney (LPOA) authorizing closing agents to sign on their behalf and eliminating the need for an eNote.


RON with fully digital eNote package

Our national team of associates can support notarization requirements via our RON platform.


Comprehensive Gap Insurance

Coverage from the date of closing through the date of recordation, without exception!


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Digital closings clear final hurdles

More than 20 years after their inception, digital closings are finally a reality and industry norm. Thanks in part to the COVID-19 crisis response, one of the last pieces of the eClosings puzzle – remote online notarization (RON) – is making remarkable strides.

eClosings offer tremendous benefits, including the ability to offer the simplified, modern experience that consumers demand, operational efficiencies, better-quality data, fewer errors, faster delivery of loans to the secondary market, and the potential to increase market share where your competitors are not ready to offer digital closings.

What’s more, they may hold the key to leading our economy out of the COVID-19 market downturn.

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Powered by the leading RON platform

Our partnership with the leading RON platform, Notarize, provides our associates with a secure foundation to guide borrowers through their closing in a safe, convenient environment. Together we are part of a growing movement to make an efficient home loan process a reality.

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How to organize remote closings in California

Listen to our VP of Strategy, Dominic Fahey as he provides evolving best practices and guidance on the strategies and solutions you can use to operate in today’s environment, including:

  • How to use RON in CA
  • How to prepare your operations for change
  • What questions to ask your title company

If you want to find out more about how we manage closings in California or any other states, get in touch.