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How to Manage Community in a Crisis


Sarah Friar, Chief Executive Officer from the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor, joins States Title CEO Max Simkoff to discuss the importance of building a strong community and enabling trust in local residents.

About Nextdoor and Sarah Friar:

Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. They believe that by bringing neighbors together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

Sarah Friar is Chief Executive Officer of Nextdoor, the world’s largest private social network for neighborhoods. Sarah previously served as Chief Financial Officer of Square. Under Sarah’s leadership, the company launched its initial public offering in 2015 and added $30Bn in market cap. She has held executive leadership roles at Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey.

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