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How to organize remote closings in CA


Refis are up but restrictions caused by Covid-19 are making it harder to close loans in-person, as most transactions are traditionally conducted. This has caused a backlog of loans and lost revenue at small and large lenders alike.

As part of our customer-obsessed attitude, we aim to provide our customers with progressive solutions not just though technological innovation, but also with processes and procedures we support.

  • RON’s available in every state we cover, supported by our in-house notary team through the leading RON technology, with the following options available as applicable:
    • Paper with wet signature from borrower – use a paper note, Fedex to borrower to be wet signed along with digital signing of the rest of the package in a RON session.
    • LPOA Paper Note – use Limited Power of Attorney with paper notes to sign during a RON session with States Title wet signing paper note on behalf of borrower.
  • Both Options are accepted by Fannie & Freddie and will work for FHA and VA.
  • We will tag documents for you.
  • Full Gap Coverage with no exceptions on the policy.