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Human-Technology Collaboration in Customer Satisfaction

What is CSAT, and why is it important in the mortgage industry?

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“Technology alone is not a magic bullet in this market. The key is knowing where to leverage it, and where to layer in more traditional forms of one-on-one support.” - Mortgage industry analyst

Consumers are confounded that a simple refinance of their mortgage takes nearly two months to complete. Mortgage banking executives are eager to onboard new technology solutions, but wrestle with staff training and costly business disruptions. Loan officers are looking for reduced customer interactions, streamlined communication, and faster loan turnaround times.

It’s clear that the decades-old process of closing or refinancing a mortgage is tedious, cumbersome, and confusing, and these concerns directly impact customer satisfaction, or CSAT, scores for both lenders and borrowers. What is CSAT, and why is it important in the mortgage industry?

To date, CSAT may have been considered a “nice-to-have” component of mortgage lenders’ sales strategy as opposed to a “must-have,” but in today’s challenging market conditions, it’s more important than ever. In this white paper, we explain how maximizing satisfaction of the customer journey can yield significant benefits for lender operations, and share how States Title is tackling these concerns with a combination of powerful data analytics capabilities and a bespoke customer service and success solution – which, as our customers have recently seen, have vastly improved their CSAT scores and transformed their operations.