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Partnering to Capture Value in the Closing Process

The equation is simple: More customers, using more financial products and services, provides more revenue overall. But what’s at stake is more than that: it’s future-proofing your business so you don’t lag behind the competition.

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“Expediency is critical in loan transactions. The longer it takes to close a loan, the higher the risk of losing the deal. The time to close has increased across the board.”
- Max Simkoff, CEO, States Title

States Title’s primary focus is helping your loan operations team to become more efficient by using technology to complement optimized processes, supported by our unique ops service model. This ensures our customers can transact faster, see improved pull-through rates, and pay the lowest price for title and escrow services in a given state.

With our combination of machine intelligence-driven technology and customer success and service offering, your team can spend less time on every file, with fewer touches, empowering your team to process more files overall in the same work period.

Further, States Title customers have seen pull-through rates (the likelihood of a loan application resulting in a closed loan) improve, and we continue to develop solutions that will provide a greater lift over time. But beyond saving time, the greater certainty of a file closing successfully provides all parties – employees, third parties, and customers – a certain peace of mind that allows professionals to focus on the next file.

Being able to transact faster provides greater opportunity to make money in any given month or quarter, which in turn leads to increased earnings for all involved, especially when hitting bonus targets is thrown into the mix. And because States Title’s rates are on average lower than other providers, our customers tell us they find it far easier to attract customers. (edited)