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Executive Brief for Mortgage Lenders

What is Instant Title?

Are you ready to remove the friction and frustration from the closing process?

The average closing time is 59 days for a purchase transaction, and 47 days for a refi, according to leading mortgage software company Ellie Mae. This not only frustrates buyers and homeowners, but it also costs lenders time and money – which has not escaped the notice of more forward-thinking title insurance companies seeking to streamline their part of the process.

Read the Guide to Learn:

  • The benefits – and drawbacks – of expediting the search and clear-to-close process
  • The impact of using risk based decisions vs. rules based decisions
  • How to avoid sliding back into the pre-COVID -19 way of handling closings

What is Instant Title

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Faster Closings

Speeding up time to close creates a delightful experience for customers and a higher likelihood of closing.


Title Prelims in ~1 Minute

Machine intelligence returns the vast majority of title commitments in about 1 minute instead of 3-5 days.


Fewer Touches

Reduce human intervention to drive large efficiency gains and transform the traditional title & escrow process.